What is Jitta?

Jitta is a “Value Investing” platform that simplifies financial analysis for individual investors and financial advisors. Our platform offers actionable advice to help you streamline investment decision-making and generate better returns with a simple investing method: “Buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair Price”. Jitta also provides a “Crowd Wisdom” platform for successful individuals and professionals to share insightful research and contribute knowledge in a collaborative and transparent community.

Like the human mind, Jitta processes and assesses all data it receives, and compiles only the essentials such as the businesses’ quality and the companies’ intrinsic value. From many formulas, variables, and methods, Jitta has simplified these elements into user-friendly and intuitive tools that are now available for investors to help identify a Wonderful company, i.e. “the best companies to buy”, through the Jitta Score, and present a Fair Price to determine “the best time to buy” through the Jitta Line.

Jitta aims to help 1.4 billion adults in the world with a net worth of over $10,000* become confident investors and empower more than 200 million existing individual investors to invest smarter with no more “gut instinct” decision-making. Jitta offers the easiest way for the millennium generation to invest.

Since launched in January 2014, Jitta has been providing financial analyses of the US, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam stock markets. Asia and Europe are the next regions in our progress to serve investors worldwide.

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