• Stock Analysis
    When should we sell stocks?
    Every stock is not equal! Don’t sell any stocks just because you want to sell the stocks or because you already got some profits. During a tough situation in stock market, always remem...
  • Investment Strategies, Stock Analysis
    The Origin and Concept of the Jitta Score
    There are many who are curious about the Jitta Score. How high should the score be to qualify as an attractive investment?
  • Stock Analysis
    How is Loss Chance Beneficial?
    From question, “How is Loss Chance beneficial in selecting your investments?” I have written this article to further explain the application of Loss Chance.
  • Stock Analysis
    How does the Subsidiary’s Share Price Affect the Mother Company’s Price?
    If the subsidiaries pay dividends in stock dividends, does the mother company have to record the dividends as part of the Revenue on the Income statement and Balance sheet or not? Also, will...
  • Stock Analysis
    How are Funds different from Jitta?
    I let the fund manager of JP Morgan take a look at Jitta. Turns out that Jitta’s matrix is almost opposite from the fund’s. For example, the good Thai stocks with high Jitta Scores like BEC ...
  • Stock Analysis
    Finding the Source of Revenue
    Aside from using the Jitta Score and Jitta Line to assist in investing, one thing investors should do is read the company’s annual report they plan to invest in.