by Sirirat Sirithamsakda
Mar 27, 2023 • Last updated: Mar 27, 2023
11 years of Jitta, making financial well-being possible for all

The first year of the second decade from personal experience, Trawut Luangsomboon understands how much time it takes to read financial statements before finding a good stock. After years of trial and error, Jitta was created: a stock analysis platform based on Warren Buffett’s principles and equipped with AI and algorithms to help investors streamline their stock analysis process.
Jitta Company Limited was founded on March 15, 2012, with the main goal of creating technology to help investors generate better returns through simpler methods. It has been 11 years since then, and our goal remains the same, but we continue to grow and move closer to what we aim for.

Starting from the initial launch in Silicon Valley, the first version of the Jitta platform was tested. However, it did not meet user needs, and their feedback was taken into consideration for further development.

Eventually, version 2 of the platform was released, featuring the Jitta Score that evaluates the quality of companies, and the Jitta Line that indicates a reasonable value of the company. Together, these features form the Jitta Ranking, which identifies “good stocks at reasonable prices” that meet investors’ expectations and receive positive feedback.

Later on, Jitta added various features that enable investors to analyze stocks from every possible angle.

We not only continuously develop various features but also expand the scope from the initial point of having only stocks from 7 countries on the platform to more than 45,000 stocks from 29 stock markets worldwide in the year 2022.

Moreover, Jitta expanded its data services by establishing Jitta Wealth, a private wealth management company for investors who believe in Jitta’s principles but does not have enough time to look after their own portfolios. 

In sustainable investing, knowledge is crucial, so Jitta established Passive Way, a website that shares knowledge on passive investment. Additionally, Jitta organizes financial education activities such as a personal finance workshop at the Creative Talk Conference 2022 to promote a financial well-being in Thailand.

Throughout our 11-year journey, our goal of creating technology to help investors has been expanded to include helping investors who are interested but lack the time, through platforms like Jitta Wealth and Passive Way, to achieve sustainable financial health for everyone.

We have remained steadfast in our original mission to “Help investors create better returns through simple methods.”

And in the future, we will continue to move forward to make this path more convenient for sustainable financial health in all dimensions for “everyone”.