by Sirirat Sirithamsakda
Mar 15, 2024 • Last updated: Mar 16, 2024
12 years of Jitta Transforming Thai Finance with Smart Tech Solutions

Over the past 12 years, Jitta’s investment technology has empowered investors in over 80 countries to discover a simple-yet-effective path to building wealth. We’re proud to offer a suite of tools, including the market-beating AI-powered stock analysis platform ‘Jitta’ and the ‘Jitta Wealth’ personal fund management service. Jitta Wealth’s automated technology has consistently delivered strong returns, even during market downturns, and has earned the trust of investors by becoming Thailand’s largest personal fund manager.

As we enter our 12th year, Jitta is committed to further innovation.  We’re creating a comprehensive financial ecosystem to address the challenges of saving and investing in Thailand. Our ‘Pay-Save-Invest’ technology, also known as the Jitta Card, will empower individuals to build a strong financial foundation through automatic saving and investing.

Our core principle remains the same: to make financial management accessible and rewarding for everyone.  For twelve years, we’ve championed long-term investment strategies, leveraging emotionless AI technology to consistently deliver sound investment approaches. This combination elevates human potential for investment success and fosters sustainable wealth creation.

With our AI technology constantly evolving and drawing from over 6 years of experience managing global stock data, we’re confident that Jitta’s financial innovations will be instrumental in addressing Thailand’s personal financial challenges.  We believe our solutions will lay the groundwork for a more secure and prosperous future for Thai society.

2012: Birth of the Jitta Stock Analysis Platform

Our journey began in Silicon Valley, where we nurtured the Jitta stock analysis platform. This innovative tool, built on Warren Buffett’s value investing philosophy, aimed to make high-quality investment information accessible to everyone. We cracked the code, offering a user-friendly platform that identified “wonderful companies at a fair price” using AI analysis. Today, Jitta analyzes over 48,000 companies, encompassing roughly 90% of global stocks, and processes a staggering one thousand million datasets daily.

The platform’s effectiveness speaks for itself. The Jitta Ranking Top 30, consistently exceeding the market average, boasts an excess return of 15.75% compared to the index’s 5.84%. This success story has resonated with investors worldwide, attracting users from over 80 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

2018: Jitta Wealth – Investing with Peace of Mind

In 2018, we secured a license from the SEC to operate as Jitta Wealth Co., Ltd., Thailand’s first WealthTech company. With Jitta Wealth, we provided access to long-term, high-yield investments for the general public. Our management fees, as low as 0.5% per annum, reflected our commitment to fair and accessible investing.

Jitta Wealth lived up to its promise of “Investing with Peace of Mind, Sustainable Profit.” The focus remained on fundamentally strong assets with growth potential, acquired at reasonable prices. We leveraged automation to rebalance portfolios consistently, maintaining discipline and utilizing Jitta’s AI to unearth undervalued stocks. This strategy delivered diversified investment opportunities across various countries, consistently exceeding market performance. Jitta Ranking US stocks, for instance, outperformed the S&P 500 index by nearly double, averaging +40.83% compared to the index’s +24.73%.

Our offerings extended beyond individual stocks. We introduced Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) targeting global mega-trends – think semiconductors, metaverse, and cybersecurity. Jitta’s AI facilitated portfolio selection and automatic management with Thematic Optimize policy. Additionally, we offered Global ETF investment policies, diversifying risks into global debt and equity securities based on Modern Portfolio Theory. Jitta Money, a short-term money management solution, provided higher returns than traditional savings accounts, preparing users for future investments.

Jitta Wealth’s commitment to accessibility manifested further in 2023 with the minimum investment threshold being reduced to just 10,000 baht from 1 million baht. This move opened the door for everyone to participate in efficient and sustainable investments, paving the way for a healthier financial future. As a result, Jitta Wealth has garnered the trust of over 65,000 investors, becoming Thailand’s largest personal fund manager with assets under management exceeding 13.358 billion baht as of February 2024.

2019: The Dawn of Passive Way

In 2019, we launched Passive Way, a one-stop hub dedicated to promoting long-term passive investment strategies in Thailand. Embracing the “do less, gain more” philosophy, Passive Way provided practical and accessible financial management ideas. Website traffic soared by over 200%, a testament to its impact. Passive Way showcased techniques like psychology-based financial management and strategies championed by Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) at the 2023 Creative Talk Conference, drawing significant participation. This dedication to financial literacy, evident in Jitta Wealth’s articles and Passive Way’s diverse educational media, earned us recognition as a valuable contributor to the Thai capital market project initiated by the SEC.

2024: Introducing the Jitta Card – Fostering Financial Discipline

As we embark on our 12th year, we unveil the Jitta Card, a revolutionary financial tool designed to instill automatic financial discipline. This first-of-its-kind card in Thailand seamlessly integrates “pay, save, and invest” features. Recognizing the financial challenges faced by Thais, as evidenced by Bank of Thailand surveys highlighting insufficient savings, we created the Jitta Card to revolutionize spending habits, boost savings, and cultivate investment knowledge and discipline.

The Jitta Card empowers users to live life to the fullest while automatically saving through rounded-up transactions and earning cashback bonuses from partner merchants. All accumulated savings are then invested in a carefully selected Jitta Wealth personal fund, fostering consistent investment discipline and building a long-term investment portfolio from a young age for the ultimate goal of improving the financial health of Thai people in the future. The Jitta Card (Beta) is now available for testing. If you’re interested, feel free to sign up at

We would like to thank the first group of investors who have tried the Beta version over the past 2 months. More than 1 million baht has been spent on cards, contributing to over 14% of total spending. This is a crucial starting point that often helps people begin saving and investing successfully.

We plan to expand our user base by officially launching and conducting various activities. These are aimed at providing financial knowledge, fostering good financial behavior, and assisting millions of Thai people in building financial discipline.

Over the past 12 years, we have proven that Jitta continues to pursue our grand mission and create new phenomena to unlock Thai people’s financial obstacles. It allows everyone to access strong, simple financial health in every dimension of life.