by Jitta
Jan 2, 2018 • Last updated: Jan 3, 2018
Ring in the New Year with Access to the Most Comprehensive Financial Data on Jitta

Happy new year!

For us, a new year means the start of new challenges that will nudge us further toward our mission of helping you generate better investment returns.

We’ve developed a suite of technology that would fulfill that mission, allowing everyone access to highest-quality investment-related data.

Because, we believe, when you have the clearest, most comprehensive information in your hand, you can make the best decisions, achieve optimal returns and, eventually, reach your ultimate investment goals.

Best investment information = Best investment decisions

So this new year, we want to present these special gifts to you and fellow investors:

🎁  Highest-quality financial data

Because financial statements lay the groundwork for precise business analysis, we’ve decided to switch our data provider from Thomson Reuters to S&P Global Market Intelligence. S&P’s reliably detailed financials will bring next-level excellency to Jitta Score and Jitta Line.  

🎁  Jitta FactSheet for all

We do what no one dares! Jitta provides 10 years of financial statements in an easy-to-understand, customizable format called Jitta FactSheet. And it’s now FREE to all members.

Both Jitta FactSheet and new financial data from S&P Global are available from January 3, 2018 ’til forever.

Highest-quality financial data

Accurate business analysis relies on the transparency and thoroughness of the financial statements.

Jitta has always been on the lookout for the best source of financial data because we want the quality of our fundamental business analysis to be nothing but top-notch.

And finally, we’ve found the one…

So we’re switching our data provider from Thomson Reuters to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Why the switch?

Jitta Intel, the various fundamental business indicators Jitta pre-analyzed for you, including Jitta Score, Jitta Line, Jitta Signs, Jitta Factors and Loss Chance, as well as our proprietary Jitta Ranking, are all calculated from at least 10 years of financial data.

Which means, the raw data we’re working with has to be as precise as possible. That way, you will be able to get a clear picture of a business and make decisions with more confidence.

What’s improved?

Higher-quality financial data leads to more-precise Jitta Intel indicators.

Sometimes, businesses may record various types of incomes under the same category. At face value, it may seem like these businesses generate a lot of revenue in a particular year. But it’s hard to tell whether or not those incomes are a result of a day-to-day business operation or an unusual income. For example, part of BIDU’s revenue comes from its asset sales, which are considered an unusual income.

But S&P Global doesn’t lump these numbers together. Instead, it separates each type of income so it’s easy to recognize whether an income is usual or unusual. In effect, it makes it simpler for Jitta to exclude unusual income from our Jitta Score and Jitta Line calculations for increased precision.

In addition, S&P Global makes it so much more effective and transparent for our team to double-check the data. It shows the origin of each of the financial number in detail and link that number to the source.

So you can be extra confident that the financial data that form the basis of our Jitta Intel calculations are extremely exact, and can form an integral part of your decision making.

A sample of S&P Global’s detailed and transparent data.  

In addition, S&P Global uses the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) to classify the sector and industry of each company. This classification system is used by thousands of market participants around the world and is reviewed annually to reflect the changing global economy. As a result, when you screen stocks by sector or industry using Jitta Playlist, you’ll get even better results.

Learn more about the classification differences in our FAQ or download the official brochure.

Why S&P Global Market Intelligence?

S&P Global Market Intelligence is part of Standard & Poor’s or S&P, known around the world as the creator of the S&P 500 index. Unsurprisingly, S&P Global Market Intelligence has data of more than 60,000 listed companies and 2 million private companies.

Each year, the company examines, interprets and analyzes more than 135 billion data points.

The superior quality of data earns S&P Global Market Intelligence trust from more than 4,200 global financial professional clients, including many of the world’s most successful investment banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, and corporations, including renown sites like Yahoo Finance and Google Finance.

Free Jitta FactSheet for Everyone

Previously, Jitta FactSheet was an exclusive feature only available to Jitta’s paid subscribers. It quickly became one of Jitta’s core features as well as an investors’ favorite, as more and more started using it in complementary to Jitta Intel indicators for more confident decision-making.      

Jitta FactSheet displays up to 10 years’ worth of financial data in a standardized format. So no matter what type of unfamiliar business, industry or country a company belongs, you can read its financial as comfortably as you do the familiar ones’. Plus, you can customize Jitta FactSheet by adding specific ratios and rearranging their orders.

Most importantly, Jitta FactSheet automatically updates company financials when they’re released, so you don’t have to.

And because we want to stay true to our goal of helping everyone access the highest-quality financial data possible, we’ve decided to make it free for all.

🎁 Jitta FactSheet is available for FREE from January 3, 2018.🎁

You can look at the financial statements of every single company in every country Jitta serves, including Thailand, the United States, Vietnam, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong.

That’s ten years and ten quarters of data of more than 13,000 companies—at no cost.

Usually, such comprehensive financial data comes with a hefty price tag. Those who don’t want to pay need superhuman perseverance to scour the Internet for financial statements, copy and paste each number on to a spreadsheet and calculates each financial ratio every single quarter.

We know how tedious that is…and we want to make life easier for everyone!

Try Jitta FactSheet here, or learn how to make the most of this feature with our step-by-step tutorial.

Hope you like these gifts we’ve prepared specially for you.

We think 2018 will mark another year of progress for us, a year during which we make achieving higher investment returns even simpler for all.