Explore by Country

Find wonderful companies at fair prices—no guesswork needed: Explore by Country lets you see today’s Jitta Ranking so you can browse stocks by lucrativeness—strong fundamentals, undervalued, high growth potential—to maximize your chance of beating the market index

  1. Find EXPLORE BY COUNTRY at the top of the HOME page

  2. Pick a country.

  3. You’ll see three main components here:

    1. SCREENER contains criteria you can use to filter stocks.
    2. SORT BY lets you arrange stocks in a particular order
    3. List of stocks that meet the criteria on the SCREENER arranged in an order selected in SORT BY
  4. Our advanced SCREENER on the left side of the screen allows you to filter stocks with more than 50 criteria, including

    1. Numbers and ratios from financial statements
    2. Jitta indicators, such as Jitta Score, Jitta Line, Jitta Factors and Jitta Signs
    3. Financial trends, such as a five-year consecutive increase in dividend payout ratio
  5. If you’re using a tablet, click the arrow next to FILTER OPTIONS to use the SCREENER

  6. You can add more countries to your search. When you click COUNTRY on the SCREENER, you’ll find a list of every country whose data is available on Jitta.com, each accompanied by a total number of stocks. Check as many boxes as you wish. If you want to uncheck all, just click RESET.

  7. You can narrow the result down to some particular sectors. Click on SECTOR and select as many as you want, such as Consumer/Non-Cyclical, Financial, Technology and Service, etc.

  8. Narrow it down even more by clicking INDUSTRY and choose ones you’re interested in, such as Financial Services, Oil & Gas Operations and Software & Programming, etc.

  9. Scroll down to the last two criteria, you will see 1) Jitta Score where indicate a desired range of Jitta Score, from 0 to 10, and 2) Jitta Line where you indicate a desired range of prices.

  10. Many more criteria are available. Scroll down a bit more and click EDIT FILTERS.

  11. After clicking on EDIT FILTERS, you’ll see a search box right at the top of the SCREENER. Type in a specific criterion like cash conversion cycle, operating margin, net profit margin or dividend, etc.

  12. To add the criterion you selected, click UPDATE.

  13. All the stocks that meet the criteria will appear on the right side of the screen.

  14. Stocks will initially be sorted by Jitta Ranking. You can change the order by clicking SORT BY on the top right corner and choose how you want the stocks arranged.

    • [ ] Jitta Ranking Stocks are sorted by lucrativeness based on Jitta Score and Jitta Line.
    • [ ] Jitta Score Stocks are sorted by quality, from high to low, based on 10 years of financial reports.
    • [ ] Above Jitta Line Stocks are sorted by price as compared to Jitta Line, from higher to lower than Jitta Line.
    • [ ] Below Jitta Line Stocks are sorted by price as compared to Jitta Line, from lower to higher than Jitta Line.
    • [ ] Recent Update Stocks are sorted by financial updates, with those recently updated at the top of the list so you can catch any impactful changes to their Jitta Score and Jitta Line.

    Select the option you want and the whole market of stocks will be reordered accordingly, from left to right, top to bottom.

  15. When you’re done customizing, click SAVE PLAYLIST to save this set of screening criteria to your Jitta.com account. You can refer back to it anytime. The order of stocks may change, however, depending on each company’s business performance and market price

  16. Your saved playlist will appear on the HOME page under MY PLAYLISTS.

  17. If you want it renamed, just click on the playlist . You’ll see this ••• button on the right side of the screen above SORT BY. Click and choose RENAME. Or choose DELETE if you want to erase this playlist from your account.

  18. Now, you’re ready to invest! Pick the first 30 stocks from the stock list, counting from left to right and top to bottom.

  19. Equally divide your money 30 ways to buy these 30 stocks. Hold these 30 shares for 12 months, after which you will refer back to this playlist again to see the new Top 30. You will rebalance your portfolio by selling whichever stocks that no longer make the Top 30 to buy those that do.

  20. You will repeat this process every single year to grow your money safely and sustainably.