Stock Summary

Turn any stock page into your personal notebook with our wide variety of widgets. You can add them, move them or remove them. Financial reports and historical price changes over the last 120 days are also available in customizable tabs. Really, anything you need to see through a company, they’re here.

  1. Click on a stock you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to the SUMMARY page containing all of its financial information.

  2. In the STOCK SUMMARY box right at the top you’ll find:

    1. Jitta Score, indicating a company’s business quality on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most spectacular.
    2. Below/Above Jitta Line, indicating how pricier or cheaper the company’s market price is compared to its fair value.
    3. Market price and Loss Chance, the latter should ideally be lower than 40%.
    4. A graph representing the relationship between market price and Jitta Line, or fair value, in the past 10 years.
    5. A FOLLOW button on which you click to get regular updates about the company.

    Try moving the mouse left or right over the graph. You’ll notice the Jitta Score, in the little blue box on the top right corner, changing. Jitta Score changes according to each quarter’s financial reports. You also see a history of relationship between Jitta Line (dash line) and the stock price (blue line) as well.

  3. JITTA RANKING widget shows you where your favorite stock ranks in the industry, sector and country, as determined by Jitta Ranking, Jitta’s proprietary algorithm that ranks stocks based on business quality, value and growth opportunity.

  4. HISTORICAL JITTA SCORE widget shows past Jitta Scores so you can evaluate the consistency of a company’s business performance.

  5. RELATED STOCKS widget shows you what other companies are competing with or have similar business to the one you're interested in

  6. JITTA FACTORS widget shows five important business attributes that make a company wonderful, graded and color-coded for you. Scores range from 0 to 100; the higher the score, the better. Only the numbers from the financial statements that are relevant to each Jitta Factor are used in the calculation. These attributes are

    1. Growth Opportunity
    2. Recent Business Performance
    3. Financial Strength
    4. Return to Shareholders
    5. Competitive Advantage

      (Read more about Jitta Factors here)

  7. JITTA SIGNS widget shows key business strengths and weaknesses found in the financial statements. Wonderful companies exhibit consistent strengths (green) and minimal weaknesses (red). When the numbers are nothing particularly negative or positive, Jitta Signs won't be visible.

  8. Click on a Jitta Sign and you’ll see the relevant financial data.

  9. JITTA ALERT will notify you via email when a stock’s market price hits the range you’ve specified here so you don’t need to check stock prices every single day.

  10. To set JITTA ALERT, check the ENABLE box and drag the square to set a preferred price in relation to Jitta Line.

  11. KEY STATS widget gives you an industry reference: what’s the industry’s average Jitta Score and where does the company rank in the industry, as determined by Jitta Ranking?

  12. COMPANY DESCRIPTION widget summarizes what the company does.

  13. Make notes of all important facts about the company in MY NOTE, and you can access all the information you've been researching in one place.

  14. Let’s get onto customizing this SUMMARY page. Click CUSTOMIZE on the top right corner next to the SUMMARY tab.

  15. You’ll notice the OTHER WIDGETS button at the bottom of the page.

  16. Click OTHER WIDGETS and you’ll see variety of widgets to add to your SUMMARY page.

    • Followed Stocks: The one tool to keep track of stocks and manage your portfolio. Here are the top five stocks you're following ranked by Jitta Ranking, our algorithm that arranges stocks in order of their investment potential. When you know which stocks are worth investing in the most, you can adjust your portfolio accordingly.
    • Tag: Organize stocks based on your own categories to save time and simplify your investing processes. The more time you can save with these little things, the more comprehensively you can analyze each stock.
    • Volume Changes: If you want to know how much of a given stock has been traded on the stock market and how it has changed from day to day, this is the widget you need. The data is updated daily at the end of every trading day.
    • Analyst Estimates: When past performance isn't enough for you to decide which company to invest in, this widget tells you what lies in store for a particular company, based on a professional analysis by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The information is updated daily.
    • Company Snapshot: All the important numbers to look out for in one place. We've pulled these statistics from the financial statements so you get an overview of the company's fundamentals and its current standing in the stock market right away.
    • Management: Know who's running the business you're investing in. This widget shows you who are on the management team and are the driving force behind your favorite company.
    • Market Statistics: In order to gain a clear picture of how well a certain business is performing on the stock market, you need to look to broad indices as benchmarks. This widget allows you to do the comparison in one glance by showing the changes in the index value and the stock price side by side.
    • Valuation Measures: How much should you pay for that stock? There are a multitude of valuation measures that can point you to the most definite answer. We pulled those various indicators from the financial statements and string them together into one useful widget. Because, why not consider them all?
    • Support Center: Have questions about Jitta's methodology or usage of the website? Consult our FAQs here. Type in what you want to learn more about and the widget will come up with relevant topics you could explore, from the meaning of Loss Chance to how to invest small amounts and still reach your goals.
    • Revenue: Annual and quarterly look at a company's revenues generated in the last five years (or five quarters).
    • Net Profit: Annual and quarterly look at a company's net profits generated in the last five years (or five quarters).
    • Net Profit Margin: Annual and quarterly look at a company's net profit margins generated in the last five years (or five quarters).
  17. For a detailed explanation of each widget, click MORE DETAILS. If you want to add this widget to your SUMMARY page, click ADD TO PAGE.

  18. Click SAVE LAYOUT on the top right corner to confirm the customization.

  19. To move widgets, just drag them to a new position.

  20. To delete a widget, click X on the top right corner of the widget.

  21. Don’t forget to click SAVE LAYOUT to confirm the changes.

  22. To see financial statements, click CUSTOMIZE then ADD PAGE.

  23. There are 4 types of page for you to choose as follows:

    • FINANCIAL: Simply add this page to access quarterly and annual financial reports—the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, all available for your perusal on a single page.
    • HISTORICAL DATA: Make sure you’re on the right side of the trade with this page. Changes in stock prices and trading volumes within the past 120 days are displayed to help you spot a signal of upward or downward momentum before anyone else!
    • COMPANY PROFILE: Here’s a quick way to learn more about each company. The Profile page contains a company description, a list of its management team members, a brief overview of its business and performance, and its estimated value.
    • BLANK PAGE: For the indie investor with a system of your own, this is an empty canvas on which you can arrange widgets in any orders that satisfy your thirst for information.

  24. To add a new tab, simply click ADD PAGE.

  25. After you click SAVE LAYOUT, the new tab will appear next to SUMMARY.

  26. To delete a tab, hover your cursor on the tab and you’ll see a bin icon. Click the bin icon and, again, SAVE LAYOUT.

  27. Now you’re done. Happy Investing!