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Sep 28, 2017 • Last updated: Jan 12, 2023
Try the new for faster, more personalized and more precise investing


Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”
– Li Keqiang, premier of the People’s Republic of China,
at the World Economic Forum 2013 


This week, we proudly unveiled the new, a comprehensive investment-analysis platform for value investors around the world. The new site boasts a sleeker look, faster load time, and more sophisticated algorithm that will help you make even better investment decisions.

These changes represent our willingness to evolve. As a technology company, we are determined to grow with you, our user, and adapt to suit your ever-changing needs. There have been several updates to the site over the past few years since we launched, yes. But this isn’t another one of them.

This is a whole new facelift.

Because when we launched in 2013, we only envisioned Jitta as being one of the world’s most trusted stock-analysis provider. Today, Jitta is much more than that.

Jitta is a holistic value investment platform where you discover interesting businesses, create investment strategies, assess stocks and evaluate past investing approaches. Your entire investing operation is here. You trust us to help you succeed.

So we gave Jitta a little boost it needed. Sure, the look is different. But beneath the cosmetics is a brand-new system that our teams have spent the past year meticulously re-crafting from the ground up. All the cogs and gears are now turning as one, forming a stronger foundation on which our products are built.

That means you get a smoother, faster, more reliable experience on all of our features.

What’s new?

Faster functionality

Today, has emerged so much lighter. Our design is minimalist. Our system is equipped with the industry’s most advanced technology. You can find the right stocks faster than you can google what to eat for dinner.

Search Bar

It’s not just the speed that matter. Sure, you don’t have to wait long for the system to process your search term. But how you can search matters, too.

What if you don’t want to find a specific stock, but a whole industry of stocks? How about stocks that possess a certain kind of quality you like? You don’t get those results just typing down a stock symbol. So we expanded the capability of our Search Bar to include search terms like “financial” and “dividend”.

Click here to learn how to use our new Search Bar.

Search for stocks in a particular sector or industry.

Search for stocks in with particular traits, like dividend, growth, cash cow, etc.


Explore by Country and Jitta Playlist both now feature our signature Screener on the left side of the screen. Not only does it screen stocks faster, but is also free for all. Previously, non-Jitta Pro subscribers couldn’t add ratios and values derived from financial statements. We’ve reversed that by opening Screener up to everyone. You can filter stocks with any criteria from countries and industries to Jitta indicators, ratios and trends.

Click here to learn how to use our new Explore by Country and Jitta Playlist.

Personalized user experience

We’ve always focused on building a clean, user-friendly platform that makes stock data easily accessible to everyone. But we realized looks weren’t everything. As an aspiring go-to destination for investors, Jitta was a bit lacking. You come to Jitta in hopes that you won’t have to hop around the Internet, collecting pieces of information needed to make that grand final decision. And we didn’t have everything.

We wanted to! But, first, we needed to find a way to tread that fine line between giving you all necessary information and overwhelming you. The result is our new Stock Summary page.

Stock Summary

To make the perfect answer to your unique needs, we transformed static boxes into widgets that can be added, removed and moved around. Each widget gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of a certain business, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

By default, you’ll see the essential stuff, like Jitta Line, Jitta Score, Jitta Signs, Jitta Factors and Jitta Ranking on the page. If you want more in-depth information, like market statistics and analyst estimates, you have the option to add them to the page by clicking “Customize”.

Click here to learn how to add widgets to your Stock Summary page.


Jitta FactSheet

If you have an active Jitta Pro subscription or have invested with Jitta Wealth, you’re eligible for our premium feature Jitta FactSheet. Jitta FactSheet eliminates the need to scour the Internet for past financial statements. You get ten years of annual financial data laid out in a simple, intuitive format.

To access Jitta FactSheet, simply click “Customize” and “Add Page”.

Increased precision

More than anything, we want to be your most trusted ally. You can rely on us for quality stock analysis, portfolio analysis, and raw financial data. Our development team constantly review and update the raw data supplied by Thomson Reuters to make sure everything published on is the as close to flawless as possible.

Jitta Score

You might notice some changes in Jitta Score, a result of data updates and processing improvements we made for the new Such tweaks make sure you get even more sophisticated, thorough analysis of a business.

Most stocks aren’t affected, however. Only a handful—around 10% of stocks on—exhibit a changed Jitta Score. Mainly, these stocks are recently IPO companies, companies whose revenues have been inconsistent for the last five years, and companies whose dividend payout have been inconsistent for the last five years.

Jitta Portfolio (Beta)

As we grew, expanding into different markets in different corners of the world, so did investors’ interest in exploring unknown territories. Investing in a foreign market was becoming popular by the day, but our portfolio feature was missing the boat, unable to accommodate growing demands for multi-portfolio tracking.

So our portfolio feature reincarnated as Jitta Portfolio (Beta), complete with an ability to record and analyze many portfolios at once, and support transactions with different currencies.

This gives you a more precise analysis of your investment. With such accuracy, you can assess past wins and losses to improve your strategies with more confidence.

Click here to learn how to use Jitta Portfolio (Beta).

What’s changed?

While we were able to launch many exciting new functions, Jitta’s transformation is in no way completed. Some functions are still in development and not yet ready to be released. Some no longer reinforce our mission to make investing accessible to everyone and have been disabled. Among them are the following.

Jitta Pro

Jitta Pro subscription service is no longer available and has been disabled since August 1, 2017. Every feature, except Jitta FactSheet, is accessible to all users for free. Read more about Jitta Pro.


Backtest is an essential part of Jitta Playlist, which we have no intention to remove. However, the function requires some final touch-ups before it can be unveiled to the public. For this reason, we decided to launch Jitta Playlist first, without the Backtest window, so we don’t interrupt your investment process. But we can assure that Backtest is returning to very soon.

FactSheet Compare

If you’re using Jitta FactSheet, you might notice that the Compare button is missing. This function lets you compare financials of three companies on a single page and has helped many investors make decisions on which companies to buy. At the moment, it’s still in development, but just like Backtest, it will return soon.


You used to be able to see all followed stocks on one page and order them by Jitta Ranking, to determine which followed stocks are the best investment opportunity. Though this function is also not yet available on the new, we’re working to bring it back as soon as possible. You can still click “Follow” stocks and receive their weekly updates in the mail. The Follow widget shows all the stocks you’re following.


Tag helps you organize stocks into categories of your own. When it’s fully ready, it’ll be complete with a function that lets you click on a certain tag and see all the stocks tagged with that category on one page. You can also rank tagged stocks by Jitta Ranking, Jitta Score or Jitta Line. This is still under development and will come back soon.

What now?

We understand that changes are sometimes hard. And we’re grateful to have you, a supportive member of our community, riding along with us, guiding us in the right direction. We’re listening to your concerns, questions and suggestions. Our development team is working hard to ironing out any glitches on the new

Even if our innovations are not yet a hundred percent perfect, we believe that we’re making significant progress toward investment freedom. And one day we will be celebrating with every investor, experienced or beginner, as he or she find long-lasting success in the stock market.

For help using our platform, please consult our tutorials and FAQ. If you experience issues on, feel free to email us at